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Thanks waterfaller. And may I add your tanks are looking great!

I am adding a few more plants to the list. So please take a look and let me know

Java Fern - Microsorum pteropus
Windelov Java Fern, Windelov Fern - Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
Narrow Leaf Java Fern - Microsorum pteropus v. 'narrow leaf'
Java Moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri
Taiwan Moss - Taxiphyllum sp.
Flame Moss - Taxiphyllum alternans
Philippine Java Fern - Microsorum pteropus 'Philippine'
Red Java fern - Microsorum pteropus "red"
Pelia - Monosolenium tenerum
African Water Fern - Bolbitis heudelotii
Marimo Ball- Aegagropila linnaei
Riccia - Riccia fluitans
Singapore Moss - Vesicularia dubyana
Christmas Moss - Vesicularia montagnei
Erect Moss - Vesicularia reticulata
Pheonix Moss - Fissidens fontanus
Watersprite - Ceratopteris thalictroides

Green Hygro - Hygrophila polysperma
Sunset Hygro - Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig'
Ceylon Hygro - Hygrophila polysperma 'Ceylon'
Giant Hygro - Hygrophila corymbosa
Water Wisteria - Hygrophila difformis
Rotala Rotundifolia - Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala Rotundifolia sp. Green - Rotala rotundifolia sp. 'Green'
Rotala Indica - Rotala indica
Moneywort, Water Hyssop - Bocapa monnieri
Bacopa - Bacopa caroliniana
Brazilian Pennywort - Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Water Pennywort - Hydrocotyle ranunculoides
Guppy Grass - Najas guadalupensis
Waterwheel Plant - Aldrovanda vesiculosa
Downoi - Pogostemon helferi
American Waterweed- Elodea canadensis
Red Ludwigia- Ludwigia repens
HC- Hemianthus callitrichoides
Watersprite - Ceratopteris thalictroides

Hornwort - Ceratophylum demersum
Parrots Feather - Myriophyllum aquaticum
Brazilian Pennywort - Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Water Pennywort- Hydrocotyle ranunculoides
Anacharis - Egeria densa
Riccia - Riccia fluitans
Watersprite - Ceratopteris thalictroides

Crypt Wendtii - Cryptocoryne wendtii
Crypt Balansae - Cryptocoryne Balansae
Pygmy Crypt - Cryptocoryne pygmaea
Crypt retrospiralis - Cryptocoryne retrospiralis
Crypt spiralis - Cryptocoryne spiralis
Crypt Becketii - Cryptcoryne becketii
Crypt Aponogetifolia - Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia
Micro Crypt - Cryptocoryne petchii
Crypt affinis - Cryptocoryne affinis
Crypt lutea - Cryptocoryne lutea
Crypt walkeri - Cryptocoryne walkeri

Anubias barteri - Anubias barteri v. barteri
Anubias barteri 'marble' - Anubias barteri 'marble'
Anubias barteri v. 'glabra' - Anubias barteri v. 'glabra'
Anubias nana - Anubias barteri v. 'nana'
Coffee leaf anubias - Anubias barteri v. 'coffeefolia'
Golden nana - Anubias barteri v. 'nana golden'
Narrow leaf nana - Anubias barteri v. 'nana narrow leaf'
Petite nana - Anubias barteri v. nana 'petite'

Tropica Sword - Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica'
Amazon Sword - Echinodorus amazonicus
Melon Sword - Echinodorus osiris
Ruffle Sword - Echinodorus major
Pygmy Chain Sword - Echnodorus tennelus

Lotus- Nymphaea pubescens

Vallisneria natans
Water Celery- Vallisneria americana
Vallisneria asiatica
Corkscrew Val - Vallisneria tortifolia
Dwarf Sag- Sagittaria subulata
Crinum calimistratum
Micro Sword - Lilaeopsis braziliensis

Aponogeton ulvaceous
Aponogeton bouvianus
Aponogeton crispus
Aponogeton elongatus
Aponogeton undulatus

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