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Here are a few lovelies I picked up a few hours ago. Nothing is planted yet because I'm still waiting on my driftwood. I figure there is no harm letting the plants get a jump start before I'm ready to start painting. They have already started bubbling. I don't know if this is O2 created via photosynthesis, or if it's just coming out of solution.....but it's very nice-looking, either way. Question for you plant gurus: my dwarf hairgrass came with some kind of moss lining the top of the plastic pot. It's bubbling like crazy (see photo). Any idea what this is? Any ideas how to make use of it? Any reasons why I shouldn't?

Nitrates and Phosphates are both @ zero. From most of the posts I've read, it is my understanding that you want to start out with stem plants to absorb N and P. Are these nutrients eventually going to show up (for some reason I can't figure out), or does that fact that I used 100% reconstituted RO water make my situation different from the norm?

Not so sure about all the plants....definitely gonna screw up spelling. Feel free to jump in, if I messed up too bad

1. Ambulia
2. Ludwegia sp?
3. baby tears (latin?)
4. Cambomba sp?
5. Wisteria sp?
6. Dwarf hairgrass (latin?)
7. Jungle vals (latin?)

Other recommendations? I still have a few ducats left in the coffers.



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