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Another 5 Gal Hex

Just figured I'd finally post a pic of my tank. Specs: Inert gravel, 13 watt CF 5700k lighting, DIY CO2 with nano glass diffuser, Flourish, Fleet, Corkscrew Val and Java Moss, MTS, Amano Shrimp, and a couple platies (yes, odd fish choice... not my idea). As you can see, it looks like a big ole mess of vallisneria...

My tank as of today:

My tank two months ago at startup:

As you can see, I pulled out the dwarf sag on the right because it's growth was disappointingly slow. I let the vals send out runners wherever they wanted... I'll clean it up eventually, but I want them to be happy and I enjoy the bright green. I also changed the light from a 2700k to a 5700k. I should go up to 6500k but I don't mind the current color. I also want to stick some root tabs in the soil, or start dosing potassium. I had tried some ludwigia repens and I'm fairly sure it died of potassium difficiency. Though the new growth WAS a very pretty pink... the pinholes were just awful. The vals don't seem to be hurting for lack of anything right now, though I could be wrong. I'd like to swap the inert gravel for Ecocomplete eventually.

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