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I regret it's been a while since I checked out this part of the forum. I can only blame work being crazy and then, when I'm home, I'm on dial up and too lazy to wait

Clark's quality. I think they're nice and knowledgeable, but it's difficult for me to get anywhere else to compare, though I recently discovered that after a long bus ride, it's only a 3-4 block walk to the PetSmart way up on Eubank north of Central. I don't think I'd buy fish there, though they might be fine; it's way too far to transport a fish home on the bus. Ditto for the PetCo on North San Mateo -- too far.

I did discover several months ago that I had gotten a free fish from Clark's. I had gone in for plants, which they don't get often enough due to lack of space for even a small order, so it was suggested I might want some hornwort from one of the tanks with fish in it. I was looking to plant a home-made nano (as an indoor garden), and hornwort was better than nothing, so I asked for a good handfull which I'd split between 3 tanks (a 6G, a 10G and the nano).

I got the nano going with a (get this) GE Aquarium/Plant light. Strangely, +3 months later, the plants are doing just fine under that odd 18" light. But a day or two after putting the hornwort in with some anubias and java fern, I noticed a tiny speck moving around in the nano. How I saw it, I don't know, I was at least 4 feet away. The speck was a teeny/tiny fish, for whom I had to get a heater and a nano-sized filter (the things we do for specks of life!).

The speck is now +1/2" long and was transfered 10 days ago to the 10G, where he/she is having a blast with huge fish like glowlights and black neons to get chased by (but fortunately he/she is smarter than them). Someday I'll write an essay about Lucky Buddy Phrie (LBP).

Here's the complaint about the Clark's. I checked the tank the fish-lette came from and it was labeled "Giant Dwarf Gourami." The largest of the fish was about 2" long, and they were all a sparkly brassy... but otherwise kind of plain brown/tan. This is why for a while I thought LBP might be a Head & Tail Light (without the "lights" yet) since I had gotten water from those five fishes' 6G tank and maybe they had an egg or two that had survived being eaten and... But no, I think not. I've written Clark's about helping with a better ID, but a week later they have yet to answer. I just don't want LBP to turn out to be a behemouth; I'd have to take him/her back...

And I'd LOVE to be part of a Albuquerque freshwater club with the caveatte that meetings can't be in my small apartment downtown, and while I could probably get to a meeting okay, I'd have to leave early to catch a bus home.
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