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Originally Posted by r36613 View Post
From my experience, it is a waste to put stem plant in low light tank because stem plant cannot give their best 'display' and only try to survive and maybe have a little growth.

So instead putting stem plant in low light tanks, I would prefer some cryptocoryne and anubias.

I beg to differ. Given at least 1wpg, some form of micros and macros, and DIY CO2 they will be looking amazing just as if they were in a high light tank. The key is patience. If you read online there are many stem plants that grow quickly in low light. I had rotala grow 2-3 inches in a week and look awesome. My Lotus plant has been doing great with no CO2 and flourish. It has a new leaf(or starting leaf) up everyday. Although its a personal opinion to not put stem plants in a low light tank they are quite useful for many reasons and do much better than other plants. They also add height that anubias and crypts cannot.
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