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My 29 goldfish planted tank.

First of all, i am a goldfish keeper who also want to maintain the natural look of the tank, so i went ahead and turned my plastic plant into live plant.

As far as goldfish tend to eat most of the plant, i think i was lucky to have a goldfish that did not bother any of my plant.

Rena XP2
AH supply 55W + 40W stock light
150 Rena inline heater
5lbs CO2 cylinder, with regulator from Orlando. DIY CO2 reactor
Here the list of the plants that are survived in my tank
Java fern
Lace java fern
Java moss
Chirstmass moss
Willow moss
Crypts wendtii
Amazon sword narrow leaf
Amazon sword broad
Anubias nana
Anubias bacterii
New list of plant
Dwaf sag
Rotala indica
Hygro polysperma sunset
Ludwigia repen

1 Ryukin goldfish, 4''
2 Ryukin
2 weather loach
1 rubberlip pleco
Regular gravel in Petsmart.
EI method. Half amount of KNO3 to keep the redness of plant. K2SO4 and KHPO4 are the same as recommended.
Right here, a pic taken in the first day

And, 3 week later, adding more plant of course




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