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Originally Posted by stagius View Post
These low light plant above still live happily in high light, right ?
I don't see why not. The cryptocornes will tolerate low to very high light levels as will aponogentons and tiger lotuses which are not on the list. That is my experience anyways. The only ones that I would be careful with if you are going to use high light is anubias and java ferns. In my experience, these will quickly form green spot and and green thread/hair algae if you expose them to high light. In a high light tank, you can shade or partially shade them with other taller plants or with some floating plants and that should prevent the problem as long as your other parameters(consistent and proper c02 levels and adequate ferts) are in order. The problem is in trying to get a balance where you are not cutting down on so much light that other high light plants that you may have in the tank suffer due to lack of light and that you are not providing so much light that plants like anubias, java fern, and java moss develop algae. I find 2 watts per gallon seems to work well for most plants.
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