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Thanks for the info and pictures. I'm sure that I will figure something out. I might go with the tags attached to the plants to start with and losing them once I learn what is what.

Yesterday I got some floral wire as well as a few of the green floral stakes. I've gone ahead and wrapped the wire onto the stakes, with a variety of heights. I left the loop of wire fairly large, which will allow me to reshape it to fit the plants over time. I was trying to figure out what to use for stands to support the stakes. Attempting to stick with using items I already own, I decided to take a three inch net pot(for hydroponics) and fill it with hydroton allowing me to stand the stakes up within the tank. I also made a few wire loops that I am going to try to glue onto the back, maybe the sides of the tank in time, if it works.

The neighborhood bulk trash pile(ain't the south grand...) happens to be across from my house. I noticed that someone had thrown some sort of desk or dresser onto it. While it was pretty busted up I found a piece that will be perfect to sit on top of cinder blocks to make a stand. Not that I really care about a stand, my emersed tanks are sitting on the floor... This will be 55 number three in this room. haha.

I will be pulling in the tank into the house and setting things up today.

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