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Originally Posted by wastewater View Post
A very nice & diverse selection! Sounds like you have a 'sound' plan that is starting to transform into a fun project. Kind of like the "planted tank thing" - the Tilly bug can definitely hook you. Do not hesitate to experiment with what works best for you and your plants (confidence and experience will be gained by doing so). The Tillandsia hobby doesn't have to be expensive or 'high budget' by any means, especially when using items you already have on hand.

Something you might want to consider (especially down the road if your collection expands and your plants start reproducing) ~ it helps to label, and/or to take pictures, of your plants. The reasoning for this is because offsets and seedlings can take on a different appearance from the parent plant, possibly taking on a different form (e.g., thin vs. thick leaves, color, etc.). This is especially true wit T. ionantha. Oftentimes, Tillandsia species that look similar to each other, can only be identified by its flower. Because almost all T. ionantha flowers look the same, id's by flowering (with this species) can become very 'gnarly' in a hurry. Looking forward to seeing the progression and updates from your project!

Thanks! I'm definitely excited about adding a new group of plants into my ever growing hobby. I got the shipping confirmation today, the plants should be here Friday/Saturday. I'm sure, like most things, keeping Tillandsia can be as cheap or expensive as you choose to make it. I will change things up as I go(lighting is the most likely candidate) and want to try different setups.

I was actually going to ask what you thought was the best way to label plants? I plan on photographing them with their ID when they arrive. I want a way to keep track of them when they are all in the tank as well as out for watering. I'm sure with time I will learn what is what, but I don't wanna lose track of their ID's before reaching that point. haha...
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