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Tillandsia 20!

So I am about to set up a terrarium for epiphytic Bromeliads. Today I placed an order for close to 30 different species/varieties of Tillandsia. I am sure I will be expanding upon this initial group in time. I might even expand to some other bromeliads in the future.

I have no desire to set this system up with a natural layout, though I do have an interest in a fully scaped terrarium at some point in the future. I will be setting up this system as a grow out tank. I would still like to create a nice layout for viewing. I really like how Wastewater's systems are set up and will be aiming for something similar. Also a huge thanks needs to go out to Wastewater for sharing one of his supplier's info with me!

So here is my current plan!

55 gallon aquarium- This is a spare tank I was given that was previously used as a breeder for feeder mice. The tank needs to be resealed before it could hold water, which is why I think it'll work just fine for this system. I don't plan on doing any watering inside the tank.

I will initially use cfl bulbs in cheap shop light fixtures as my lighting for this tank. I am going this route mainly because I've already got these lights and I am starting this project on an extremely sparse budget. I will be looking at upgrading to some higher quality lighting systems as I learn more and find a little spare cash in the budget.

I've got all my computer savvy friends looking through their spare parts to see if anyone's got an extra CPU fan(or two) that I can use to provide the necessary ventilation needed for these plants.

I don't plan on heating this system, other than the bit of heat provided by the lighting. I won't be getting a hygrometer to start with but I don't think that's crucial at this point.

I will probably wait until the plants are in to shape wire and decide where to attach it to the glass/place in holders of some sort. I'm sure things will look a little crude at the beginning but that always seems to improve with a little time. I'm about to transfer to a different university as a Plant Sciences major, I'm sure I'll clean things up before too long. Hahaha... I spend a lot of time playing with different plants around my house.

If I've missed anything that I'll need please feel free to let me know! I've been doing a lot of reading about bromeliads(and aroids! <-- adding some more of those around the house too!) recently & I'm sure there still an enormous amount to learn! I will definitely be posting pictures as soon as there is anything of interest to share!

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