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Unirdna's 46g Bowfront - Terminated - 03/2004 - 03/2007

Hi All,

First I must say that without this site, I would have had no chance at this project. Many thanks go out to all who have aided me in the past 2 months (you know who you are ). I'll be a 'supporting member' as soon as my bank account recovers :roll: .

Here's the setup. I've also included prices for any other newbies wondering where I got all the gear. I know that many of you veterans don't give two craps about gear (bring on the plants!), but I know the 'new' guys will want to know. I'm sure that some components could have been found/made for less money, but all-in-all I think I did o.k.

Tank - Stand - Glass top = $300 - LFS
Eheim ECCO 2236 (new) = $86 shipped w/media - eBay
JBJ Regulator w/ sol (new) = $90 shipped - eBay
Milwaukee SMS122 (used) = $82 shipped - eBay
CO2 Reactor (DIY) = $0 - leftover stuff
JBJ 192w PC Light = $205 shipped - eBay
Background (Krylon) = $4 - Walmart
Valves, tubing, PVC, etc. = $20 - Home Depot
5 lb CO2 tank (filled) = $47 - Local Welding Supply
Eco-complete (5 bags) = $110 - LFS
Hydor Heater = $46 shipped - eBay

Anyway, enough lamenting about greenbacks.....I've wanted a planted tank since I was 15....this is gonna be great !

Here's a few shots of me setting it up tonight. Plants to be intro'd this weekend. I look forward to your comments and recommendations.



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