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You can create a beautiful planted tank with standard lighting if you go with low light plants such as java fern, java moss, anubias sp., and others. There is an article in Aquarium Fish Magazine that lists alot of plants which can grow in low light tanks (dont remember the issue, try their archives).

If your a do-it-yourselfer you could do just about any planted tank fairly inexpensively. Read the odno lighting thread and the diy co2 ideas.

The plants themselves arent too pricey (in fact some reproduce really easily so you could start off with a few clippings from friends) especially when compared to corals. The fish are much less expensive and you won't need a whole lot of equipment.

It's also cheaper to feed fw fish. No need for frozen foods. Feed them flake food sparingly and you'll be rewarded energetic fish and a clean tank.

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