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Yes, nice tank. How many discus are in there? Do you use RO water since our water (in general in WI) is so hard? I built a canopy for my 72bow to put in lots of DIY fluorsecents. Then I upgraded to the Coralife T5's (Normal Output) - 6 bulbs over the tank, so still a decent amount of light.


Regarding testing, well, I'm a chemist so I can do things a little differently. Also, I teach so I have students doing some tap water testing as well. The hard water isn't such a big deal if you let the plants take time to adapt (or collect some locally - if you like vallisneria americana or ceratophyllum demersum, there is plenty in Lake Winnebago). The biggest issue will be if you want the fish to spawn - I've heard soft water fish just don't have the success rate in hard water. That's why I went with the African Mbuna - they are from very hard water environments.



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