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So far Ive lost every one I put in my tank which is 3 groups of 5.They acclimate well and start eating and swimming great. Then the next day one or two will look listless and have a strange white patch (not a outer skin covering)but as if their body has been bleached on their dorsal spine.Also notice a lump of white on the lower lip of the mouth.Then they lose balance rolling upside down and finally die.My other tetras seem to be thriving great thru all this. Strange but I only have 4 rummy nose ,3 pristella,2 ottos and one cory cat that seem immune to all this trouble ,yet when I add one more rummy nose for a group of 5 several days later the 5th one dies.Water quality i excellent,Ph is 6.7in the day and 7.5 at night when the CO2 is off,kh is 4 ,NH3 is zero No2 is zero and NO3 is almost zero,CO2 is 20ppm.:fire:

15gal planted,flourite+volcanite,65 watt pc,whisper 2 filter,5lb CO2 tank and diffuser,flourish .
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