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I wish I could get sunlight. I, unfortunately, live in a basement apartment. Combined with Ann Arbor's 355 days of cloudiness (I'm exaggerating, but barely), this makes for a pretty dank place to live. Since learning about planted tanks, I have changed out some of the lightbulbs in the place for ones with better color temps, so it doesn't look so crappy. I'm trying to get a place next year that is on the 2nd floor, we'll see how that works. As for the tank, I'd like to see if I can get some more rooted HC before I fill it. It's taken me a lot of patience already, and I want to get a denser carpet. If I were to do it over again, I think I would have put a layer of aquasoil over the SMS. There really seems to be quite a big difference. Also, I would have set up the substrate dividers and scaping correctly the first time, as well as starting the HC at the lower levels instead of the hill. (The hill makes it difficult to keep the substrate moist)

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