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20L Planet Green!

Seen everyones pictures on here and decided to put mine up, I don't have near the artistic touch with photos as some of the people here but oh well. My tank is alot smaller to, I use DIY co2 diffused through a limewood airstone which works great. I've also got a coralife 2x6700k 18W T5 fixture, 6500k 15W Fixture, and a 20W 6700k fixture. Flourite as my substrate, and currently I have just been housing 4 ADF, about 10-15 ghost shrimp, and two different species of dwarf cichlids ( baenschi, cacatuoides triple red). Each male has 2 females. And 4 oto cats. So a total of 10 fish. Anyways, I was attempting to try the whole planted tank thing and if it went well I was going to setup a 55gal I have sitting in my garage... which now I am going to start rounding up supplies for!

Front View

Right Side

Left Side

Banana Lily

Artistic Touch!

Triple Red
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