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You're welcome reggie!
Thanks for helping out to the ferts distribution and being one of the early dedicated testers.

I'm glad you decided to share the joy at the forum.

He is running MH lights. It may look so small, but this kind of lighting packs a punch. At just less than 1wpg it is still enough to grow plants... on what you may consider as moderately-lit tank.

On the other hand I'm running 260g with 3 x 150W MH and can be considered powerfully-lit tank, harder to control well.

Reggie's tank could use more light in my opinion, such as adding another pendant or switch to 150W ones if he feels like it because we can see how some plants turns greenish instread of retining its reddish hue, more likely due to lack of powerful light (one plant we can see here is rotala rotundifolia) and not due to lacking nutrition/minerals.

I love the setup. You just need to keep the shape by strategic trimming.
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