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800lt - two side tanks

Just want to share my new setup after 2 weeks

Front view


Size 170x70x70cm
CO2 tanks running 1-2bps
Lightning 2 MH 70watt (7hours)
Liquid fert using Macro EI and Wondergro Micro (every 3 days)
Tablet fert using Wondergro Tablet (thanks to medicineman)
Water change every weeks
Sump filter

- Hygro Angustifolia
- Hygro Compact
- Anubias bartheri
- Anubias nana
- Microsorum narrow + windelov
- bolbitis
- Valisneria spiralis
- Valisneria nana
- Egeria densa
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Altheranthera reinicki
- Cryptocoryne wendtii brown
- Cryptocoryne balansae
- Cryptocoryne tropica green
- Tiger lotus
- Echinodorus red flame
- Echinodorus Red Rubin Narrow
- Echinodorus Red Rubin
- Echinodorus Tenelus
- Sagitaria subulata
- Flame moss
- Christmas moss
- Java moss

Please comment ....

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