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First sign of ick... Not surprised considering without a heated house nor a heater for the tank the fish are either stressed or dead. The tank's water temperature was at 56 when I checked it just a few minutes ago. I guess, we all go through our challanges. The heater for my tank was sacrificed to the larger fish tank. Wish I had been home to catch the falling water temperature so I could have prevented the deaths.

So, two neons dead, one barely hanging on. All of the fish have been put into a heater quarantine tank for treatment (not enough surface movement in the planted tank for such high temps. Not to mention the plants use up a lot of oxygen at night.) The one almost dead neon has been seperated from the rest and is getting a douse of hot water every 15 minutes and a drip of hot water in between. I'm trying my hardest right now.

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