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I'm also using 100% Home Depot play sand in one of my tanks. It's working out pretty well. It looks good and the plant roots seem to grow well in it. I have about 1.5-2" depth in my 29 gal tank, and I only used about 2/3 of a 40 lbs bag. In the unplanted area with no roots I've had to stir the sand occasionally or dark grey pockets tend to form underneath. I've been thinking about getting some Malaysian Trumpet Snails to help keep it aerated. Also, make sure you wash it really, really well before putting it in your tank. I would put a portion in a bucket with water, stir it up and decant the fine particles. I did this over and over again until the water wasn't cloudy after stirring. It's a lot of work upfront, but I've never had any cloudiness in that tank.
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