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I bought one of these last year. Below is my review of it. This was from another thread. Thought I put it here.

After my fx5 crapped the bed on me a few months ago, I decided to get the SunSun. All I have to say is you get what you pay for.


Easy to assemble
Decent flow
Decent media capacity

Flimsy cheap and I think just pathetic intake and outtake tubes.
A royal pain in the *** to clean and or change media. Every media basket as to set up a special way to accommodate the UV sterilizer.
A royal pain in the *** to prime(which is every week after I do a water change). Have to use two hands and do some serious push ups on the thing.

The decent flow I mentioned above is severely limited a few days later. The flow rate is pretty strong for such an undersized intake strainer that it gets blocked and clogged real quick, and in a planted tank that's not too hard. I was having to remove debris from it constantly.

If I knew better I would saved my money and get another fx5 or fx6....sigh.

Let's just say this filter has been collecting dust for 6 months now.
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