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20H re-scape

Hey all. I decided that I wanted to re-do my 20H. I purchased some manzanita branches, seiryu stones, and ADA Aquasoil Amazonia II to use in this re-scape. Here is some info about the rest of the setup.

Pressurized CO2 w/ Rexulator and DIY reactor
AH Supply 55W retrofit kit
Cascade 700 canister filter

Planned flora
Val nana
Blyxa japonica
Echinodorus Tenellus mixed with Ranalisma Rostrata
Erio Type 2
Rotala wallichi or vietnam
flame moss
I have all of these plants, but I may make some changes to the list once I start planting

Pre-existing Fauna
Cobalt Blue gourami
3 otocinclus
Tiger barbs
clown pleco

Here's a pic of the previous setup with flourite substrate on 10/16/07

Here it is after AS was added today

And here is my first crack at a new hardscape

As always, comments and criticisms are very much welcome. Any suggestions for changing the hardscape? Thanks for looking and for any comments!
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