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Sorry I'm personally not familiar with those controllers. Our engineers and product dev guys are the ones that connect with other companies to make things compatible. There is quite a bit more than just us making it compatible. Other companies have to be willing to make it compatible for specific product. I don't understand the fine details but we can only do so much on our end. I can guarantee you all it's not our end that's preventing compatibility with other products. The more things we're compatible with, the more we could sell. Our timers are on different ends of the spectrum and I do not believe they compete at all. But honestly, how many freshwater hobbyist would use the higher end controllers from apex. our goal was to take those functionalities and take it down a notch to make it useful for the rest of us.
The product dev guys got back to me with this:

1. Apex is a 2 channel control. Satellite plus is a 4 channel light. Unless we get rid of some of the functions you all love, it won't be able to be controlled with apex.
2. Apex controllers cannot control RGB leds.
3. Our goals for every product is to make it simple and easy to use with functionality at a affordable price. There will always be room for improvement for more. We could do it, but we always have to ask ourselves, can we do it affordably and not sacrifice user experience.
4. If apex is willing to contact us to upgrade their systems to support our light's versatility, we will do it.
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