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Lost two guppies and two neons today... Starting to wonder if something happened to my cycle when I put the plants in. You wouldn't think so, but I can't think of any other reason why I'd be loosing fish. Planning on ordering some more liquid tests tonight, hopefully I'll have the results soon... One neon was the one that was acting so stressed yesterday. My last yellow guppy died, along with a blue one.

I'm also considering moving the Serpaes into the 55 gallon tank, as well. That would lower the stocking on the tank a little. Would Tiger Barbs, Bala Sharks, and a rainbow shark get along with those tetra? Neither of the balas are very big, and I'd probably move the Serpaes into a 29 gallon once I get a bigger tank for the sharks. If they do, I'd probably get a few more Serpae. That tank is no where near stocked, yet. I know the balas need room to grow, but for now there's plenty of room in that tank. The biggest bala is around 3 and a half inches.

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