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Originally Posted by Current USA View Post
Hey guys, I'm sorry if you felt misled. The moonlight function we promised is in the minimum intensity. You can set any color you'd like to 5%, 10% or whatever intensity you'd like for any period of time you'd to be used as moonlights.
Hopefully I'm speaking for everyone when I say we really appreciate your willingness to have the dialogue and be a active in the community. I'm keeping my Satellite + and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a timer from you that will allow me to do what I am trying to do.

Please please please pass our feedback along to your product devs and engineers. I think everyone who is looking at a 4LED light is going to want the ability to set a timer to turn their lights on in the morning (at any color temperature they choose), fade the lights to moonlight in the evening, and potentially fade to off for latenight before fading back on the next morning.

As a use-case. my T5HO before this had a separate power cable for the moonlights so I could put them on separate timer schedules. Now that I have replaced it with the Satellite+ I have stopped using the timers so I can enjoy the moonlights in the evening and my lighting schedule is totally irregular now based on when I leave for and return home from work.

In the meantime I'll try to figure out if I'm savvy enough to work with an arduino or can pay someone to sell me a pre-made intelligent timer.
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