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Sorry I'm personally not familiar with those controllers. Our engineers and product dev guys are the ones that connect with other companies to make things compatible. There is quite a bit more than just us making it compatible. Other companies have to be willing to make it compatible for specific product. I don't understand the fine details but we can only do so much on our end. I can guarantee you all it's not our end that's preventing compatibility with other products. The more things we're compatible with, the more we could sell. Our timers are on different ends of the spectrum and I do not believe they compete at all. But honestly, how many freshwater hobbyist would use the higher end controllers from apex. our goal was to take those functionalities and take it down a notch to make it useful for the rest of us.

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Neptune and Apex is the same controller. Neptune is the company, Apex is the model.

The Apex controller can control up to 4 channels and can be expandable to more with a VDM module. If this light was Apex compatible then there would be no need for the Current USA controller. This is a huge turn off to me as it appears Current USA is trying to make a proprietary light that is not compatible with other controls to force you to purchase one of your controllers. That seems like that would deter sales of this light for those of us with Apex controllers as Apex is an all in one controller and is the reason we purchased it so we have control over every aspect of our tanks without the need for additional controllers.

This has nothing to do with Neptune looking to get into the Freshwater market. They really don't have to in order to accommodate lighting demands from it's clientele. It is up to the lighting fixture LED companies to make their fixtures compatible with Apex controllers. I don't see how that is such a hard task considering BML has made their light compatible with Apex controllers.

Also I think what a lot of people are curious about because it has often been overlooked and mislead with the Satellite+ is being able to ramp down from day light into moonlight and then ramp up from moonlight to daylight. We were told the Satellite+ could do this when in fact it can't do this. It can dim but it dims to off. There is no dull ch ramping which this light can do but there is no controller that allows this feature to be controlled on this fixture. Not from day to moon and back to day in a smooth seamless transition. This can be done with this light because there are some DIY controllers that have accomplished this. As long as this option is available and for a fraction of the cost then what use will the Ramp Timer Pro be to anyone? Also with no Apex control this will deter people to fixtures that have Apex compatibility. This is something that a lot of people have been requesting this not just from Current but from anyone who will listen. I understand you're trying to make an affordable light but there are some including me who would pay a little more for this feature if it came down to that. This is a great fixture with a lot of features, it just lacks the ability to be customized to tailor peoples needs.

@Swoof, this is a single row of super bright LEDs
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