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Well, a quick update. No pictures right now, though...

I got my fish the other day thanks to PerSmart's Black Friday sale. Only $13 dollars for all of them. I was so happy... Anyway, I'm suspecting that at night they don't get a lot of oxygen, some seem to hang around the top of the tank... Maybe I'll do a light cycle where the light is on for the night instead of the day so I can watch the fish...

Anyway, I started out with 9 guppies, 5 neon tetras, and 5 serpae tetras. I only wanted 5 guppies, but I ended up with 9... Oh well.

In the beginning, one guppy died. It was young, a baby one. I guess it's no wonder it died... Yesterday two more guppies died. Why? I'm not sure. I did a 25% water change, hopefully that will help.

One guppy appears to have ick, but it's far too early to tell. I'll keep you updated...

55 gallon -- 2 angelfish, 1 female mollies, 9 guppies, 3 SAE, 1 High fin spotted pleco// 20 gallon -- 5 Serpae Tetra, 3 skirt tetra, 4 black neon tetra // 5.5 gal -- 1 male betta, 1 Emerald Rasbora, 2 Ember tetra // 30 gallon tall --1 oranda goldfish, 1 black moor goldfish // 10 gallon -- 6 Leopard Danios // Recent losses / gains -- 1 High-fin spotted pleco
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