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I used to live in Cary, for 38 years... until June of this year. Moved to Benson to get out of the "high rent district".

There is a place called Pet Supermarket at Harrison and Cary Pkwy, next to the Harris Teeter. Not a lot of tanks, but the tanks are clean, selection isn't too bad, but the prices are better than anywhere else in Cary. The downside is they don't have live plants.

Now if you travel a bit to beautiful Dunn, just south of Benson, there is a place called Pets-n-Such that until recently was a mom-n-pop type operation. It has changed hands and they are adding tanks every week, expanding stock, and they have good prices. The staff is very friendly, somewhat knowledgeable, and they will order any fish you request as long as they can get it from one of their two suppliers. They are very open to suggestions on their stock also. I asked them if they could get BN plecos, they looked it up and said they they could. They ordered 12, I bought 3 at $4.99 each. They rest were sold inside a week... kinda gave me some "cred"... now they listen to me when I make suggestions.
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