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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
Great setup! The light and stand are a perfect match.

How long did it take your moss to grow? I can't get any type of moss to grow in water or on dirt. Did you get any type of melting at the start?

I like the fact that you can see and enjoy a setup like this, as all of mine are mist cover fog with a glimmer of green.

What are you replacing the set up with?
Moss grew pretty easily but not sure how long. I originally had it setup this way, then put it outside for probably a few years, watering it when I remembered. I find terrestrial moss is much easier to keep green and lush than aquatic but I have both. Now that I have not been keeping up with evaporation (all water evaporates in a week), most of it is brown again.

As for replacing, I just need an aquarium in my home recording studio. It gives me something to get inspired to work as well as something to look at when I am going through a lot of audio. Although I like this, it just isn't the same as a tank.

I was going to save up for a rimless but now I am thinking I may setup a 10 gallon as I have all I need. I am planning on a rock scape, I love Iwagumi and want to do another, wife doesn't really like the style so this room is the perfect place.
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