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You wouldn't rinse laterite, since it is just a powdery clay substance, if you put water into it, then it would turn into a clay or a soupy clay.

Flourite on the other hand is basically regular gravel, except it is made of fired clay (baked, if you will, but that is not the term). This clay is porous and absorbs nutrients from the water collumn, so new flourite has nutrients in it, but after in the aquarium for a month or so it has more nutrients. You rinse flourite, and it is very important to rinse it. I never got it to run clear, but a good 10 minutes of rinsing per bucket is needed. I put mine in a bucket and rinsed it, so it took several buckets before all the bags (of flourite) were added to the tank.

Flourite is not a substrate additive or fertalizer, it is basically _gravel_ for the planted aquarium. Laterite is a powder substance which WILL CLOUD YOUR WATER IMMENSLY!!! Jobes sticks can be added to any substrate, and are for heavy root feaders.

I hope this isn't confusing, but you sounded confused in your last post. I was confused at first and still am confused a little bit about what makes a good substrate... I have flourite in my tank with jobes sticks, and it seems to be working... Hope this clears some things up!


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