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My bad !! I just saw your tank specs. How many plants do you have in that 55. Would you say its heavily planted, lightly planted? I noticed your photoperiod at 8 hours and why the 1 hour in the morning. Plants need a solid 10-12 hours of light.
It takes about 2hours just for the plants to start kicking into gear for photosynthesis after the lights come on. The one hour in the morning seems like it could be confusing for the plants and the fish. If you could get just a little more light into that tank to get it to 3 wpg you'll be well on your way to having a beautiful tank.


75 gal heavily planted,50/50 Black beauty,Eco-complete substrate, Pressurised CO2 with solenoid, ph controller, AB Reactor 1000, 330 watts 9325K GE PC lighting,Ehiem Liquidoser, 2-Filstar xp3 canisters.
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