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Originally posted by mitche8359
I looked for flourite at the lfs. I thought I was looking for a large bag of material that looked like gravel? The product available at the lfs was laterite. Not exactly a cheap product if it was going to be used as a layer of substrate. I'll mix it in with some of the new smaller gravel that I bought to put around the anubias.
Be prepared for a real cloudy mess when using laterite.
I had about 1 inch of gravel in my tank, and I really didn't feel like tearing it all down to avoid the cloudy mess. So. I ordered 2 bags of Flourite and mixed it right into the gravel. It looks awesome and though it did cloud the tank a little it cleared up within 4 hours. I did my 29 gal with laterite and that sucker stayed cloudy for about 3 days. It was so bad, its a miracle the fish survived.



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