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Originally Posted by agimlin View Post
I have always wanted to do something like this. im moving to south Carolina in a few months and was thinking about a smaller version of what you have planed. local herps would be better suited do to weather conditions (in Michigan that may be a little harder), I was thinking American green tree frogs and green anoles and then some type of bird as well. I believe this could be done on a budget granted you could also spend a small fortune if your not careful. good luck and would love to see what you come up with if you decide to do it. another thing about the herps is good luck keeping them in unless you have it completely sealed with glass or something.
Thanks, wish you luck to. I say go for it, do whatever size you can afford and post it all on here.
Your local reptiles and amphibians in S.Carolina would be well suited for a small greenhouse, and they would probably love it. Just be aware that local laws often prohibit native animals from being kept as pets. Although some states do have permits.

The system I am planning is a completely sealed system. No cracks, or unprotected ventilation. In cooler climates you must have a advanced heating system, water system and proper ventilation.

My thoughts on fauna are as follows-

Veiled Chameleons (small populations of these thrive near the Florida Everglades and Hawaii surprisingly) I actually captured 2 on an expedition this past summer with a team of biologists and conservationists) They are extremely hardy animals and capable of thriving in a wide range of habitats, my 2 wild caught guys are doing great in captivity and growing fast. I think they would fair well in a large greenhouse jungle.

Anoles I'm actually interested in more exotic varieties like the Anolis microtus or The long snouted anole. Green anoles are actually awesome too. Microtus is found in central American cloud forests.
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Tree Frogs Probably my favorite rainforest critter. I would probably go with Green Tree frogs (very hardy) and Brazilian Clown Tree Frogs. Might do a few others as well. Both breed readily in captivity and shouldn't have any issues living in an indoor rainforest.

Geosesarma aka Red Devil Crabs. I already have a couple of these awesome little crabs. They are full of character but generally shy. Don't need water to reproduce, but love small freshwater creeks and rainforest environments. Native to southeast asia. Fairly new to the pet trade and not often seen in pet shops. Also breed easily in hot humid environments. A perfect candidate for my indoor rainforest stream/waterfall area.

Java Finches/Sparrows. A larger finch from asia sometimes called a rice patty bird. They are very hardy and have a beautiful song. They are also very pretty looking birds.
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That's all for now! This is still just a dream project btw. It will eventually come to fruition...just a matter of time.

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