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Originally Posted by HortGuy View Post
With the success of your take I was curious if you have had pearling from your plants. Nothing has really been said about it.

Love the tank, you sent me the link to this thread from your reddit update the other day. I thank you for this link. I prob spent the last 2.5 hours reading through every post. I have already started researching the parts I want from a lot of yours for my future tank build. I thank you for the inspiration and please keep doing what your doing.

Also where did you find your LED lights, or wear can I find individual lights like yours and what are they mounted on?
My plants have been pearling.. albiet slowly.. since the start. This week I finally sat doen and crunched some numbers, did some testing and made major changes.

I have redone my fertlizing routine as a very aggressive ei method with additional potassium and iron. Also manually dosing calcium/magnesium. On top of the fertlizer update the new co2 reactor has really helped with co2 delivery and efficiency.

The tank now bubbles like crazy, its like soda water when then lights are at 100%.

I ordered my heatsinks from and the leds are from All of my drivers were from rapidled as well. I built the units myself. Lots of thermal adhesive... soldering etc.

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