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Notice the lack of fish this time? That's due to the fact my new Black Ghost Knife brought ick into my hospital tank. The knife and bala shark died while the tiger barb made it. My first success with ick! Even if I lost 2/3 of my fish, at least one lived. Now I know the heat method works.

Random complaint: My friends got a bunch of new fish to add to their all ready pushing the limits tanks. Now their fish have ick and they don't really seem to care... It bothers me. I know how to help but yet they refuse y help. Those poor fish...

Anyway, I got another bulb as well. The plants have responded well.

And, I want to know when and how to trim. I want the telanthera to be the biggest plant in the tank, but right now the bacopa is pushing for that position. Do I just... snip snip ... or do I do something different?

Here's the rest of the pictures:





55g -- 1 angelfish, 1molly, 9 guppies, 1 pleco, 6 leopard danios// 20g -- 4 Serpae Tetra, 1 skirt tetra, 4 black neon tetra // 5.5g -- 1 male betta, 2 Ember tetra // 36g--1 oranda, 1 black moor, 2 butterfly moor // 10g --9 emerald dwarf rasbora // 2g jar -- 3 SAE (quarantine) // 10g -- 12 platy fry, 4 cherry barbs (quarantine)
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