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Alright. So after researching for several hours I seem to be coming to nothing. So now I have some more questions:
For the T5HO lights: I know PARs are difficult to estimate, but would just one of these provide enough light to grow low-medium (I'm specifically thinking of using one of the 6500K ones they sell at Home Depot)? Or on the other hand would it be too much light?
I also found some electronically inclined friends that I might be able to convince to mess around with my lights. Would I be able to get a strip light from a hydroponics store and get it to fit in my hood (appx. 2 feet)? If not, are there any good kits/guides on how to retrofit these lights?

T8 Lights: Would just one of these lights be enough to grow anything in my tank (again thinking of using a 6500K one from Home Depot)? Not too sure on this one, but it seems like the light strips for it are the easiest to find.
If you have any other suggestions please tell me, I'd be more than happy to listen. Might try and toss the LED idea to him, maybe he'll bite...stranger things have happened.
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