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Originally Posted by synaethetic View Post
I've seen that reactor for sale on several websites throughout the years and have always wondered about it's effectiveness. With the amount of gph from the mag drive I doubt there will be any form of c02 buildup at the top of the reactor, a problem I have encountered if you have a lack of flow going through the unit.

I have tried multiple reactors, DIY, and atomic inline diffusion. None of which have worked very well with my eheims low flow. For now my ceramic diffusor is giving me superior results.
I used to own own of these reactors and absolutely loved it. I used to run on the filter inlet side of my aquarium
and it still worked well. I decided to give it a dedicated pump this time around though.

Just did a test run of the plumbing and scrapped the solenoid though. Small air leak in it from sitting so long. No biggie. I can manually bleed it if I have to.
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