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So I'm finally getting around to picking up my Co2 reactor this weekend. I dug up a few more parts from my storage bins and put together the first parts of the rig.

This is the reactor (I am picking it up tomorrow, this is a stock image from aqua medic)

The unit is pretty simple, like most reactors. On the top side there is a Co2 inlet, and a bleeder valve, along with the plumbing connections. I will have an inline pump (mag drive 3, 350gph) pulling water from the tank, and pushing it into the reactor.

Connected to a venturi on the inlet side of the pump is a solenoid. I will have the bleeder valve connected to this solenoid so a few times a day it will open and remix any collected gas into the water column.

I will have the bleeder valve open every morning before Co2 starts injecting to try and burp anything out of the reactor. Hopefully this will break up any large gas pockets and push it out. Alternately I might connect the bleeder valve to another pump to suck out gas if this arrangement doesnt work.
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