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Originally Posted by livebearerlove View Post
I do a 20% water change weekly.

I recently actually did a 60-70% water change. Same thing with the bubbles.

I do have a Hang on Back filter, came with the tank (6 gal fluval).
I noticed that there are also bubbles on the moss tree. Always were a couple, but they seem to really be stacking up now.

Should I turn the filter down?
Best not to. Try to reposition your HOB. Is the rock in front of the filter blocking the outflow from the filter?

Originally Posted by Aqualady View Post
I use 1ml daily in my 5g bow front RCS tank. My plants are 1 pretty java fern lace and 60% of ground is covered in riccia. Actually, since I started using 1ml, instead of .5ml my tank has been free of algae.
Correct, excel do act as algae control. I too supplement my canister co2 with excel daily. Good stuff.
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