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newly planted 20 g tank, need advise

Hi, i have been keeping fish for some time now, but i recently(i week ago) added plants to an already running 20 g tank. i have 2 clown loach and 6 white skirt tetras. unfortunately i had ordinary gravel and cannot change it right now. plants i have are : Amazon sword, java fern and cobomba. i planted them by burying some fertilizer along side. where as java fern came with drift wood that i placed. the lights are 40 w flourosent t12 daylight in my tank. I am seriously not in favour of CO2 and want to run the tank as it is. i have an external filter (powerhead) and an airstone in place. fish seem happy for now. but i got spikes in the nitrite and nitrate. water ph is 7.6. i do 25 percent water change every week. the shop guy gave me a liquid plant food with trace of NPK to put daily. plz advise me am i doing things right? since other plants look ok but comboma is not staying straight and shedding leaves.
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