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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
A wire suspension kit is a wise thing to offer any planted tank person.
Also, make sure it can work with the Apex and Neptune controllers.

Getting good red coloration out of plants is a sticking point for a lot of LED's compared to the T5's and PC lights. Reefs are fine, but they focused a lot more on that market because the market is MUCH larger than the plant market.
Hey Tom,

There will be a compatible hanging kit. Not sure if it comes with the light though.

Neptune and Apex I believe are only 2 channel controllers and this light has 4 channels. This light comes with a 4 channel controller so don't think there's a need for other controls.

Also, hearing from product dev guys, Neptune and Apex aren't looking into getting to freshwater LED market. Hopefully that changes soon.

Here's a good thread that vouches for Satellite LED's red spectrum: (New) Current Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture (6500K/RGB)???

With RGB LEDs that are adjustable in colors, it's fairly easy to adjust to the perfect setting you want. It will be the same with this light.

Feel free to email me if you want to check it out!

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