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Thank you very much.

How do i determine I have enough light?
My LED, I think, say's it has 3475 lumens. That seems like very little when i did the calculations based on this thread:
HOW TO Calculate your tank lighting (in LSI)
My tank is 48x12x20 (approximate)

If it's not based on lumens or watts and surface area etc what is it based on?

You mentioned reading your posts to educate myself. I will do that. I guess I thought there was some formula to abide by.

When I ran my cichlid tank I did the leg work on getting the info and was highly informed before starting.This tank was kind of a fast track process, and I want to make sure i didn't blow $280 on an LED strip light that could be replaced with a much better system at a lower or similar cost. I almost never just go out and buy without being informed, but in this instance I did with the light.

I will look into circulation etc and see how I can use my powerheads to aid in that like you mentioned. One note I have 2 Aquaclear 70 HOB filters on either end of the tank that are cascading quite a bit of water into the tank. Is that enough water movement?


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