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New to planted tank lighting question

Hi, I am attempting to set up a 55 gallon as a planted tank.

So far the substrate is dark flourite.

Tank is established, just getting a makeover. Probaby doesn't matter except for fish.

ph 6.8 - 7

Lighting: Fluval Aqualife and Plant LED Strip Light - 48 in. Suggested to me by a local shop. (not sure if it was the wrong choice) Any info on this light in terms of if it's powerful enough? Is it considered low light or high? It say's it has 3475 lumens. I read somewhere spectrum and lumens is more important than watts.

Based off my info, can anyone give me directions in what I am lacking and how I go about choosing plants that will work well with my set up?

Current plants:
Water Wisteria
amazon sword

I have not figured out if or how to go about handling CO2.
I don't plan on an injector, but did read about Excel. Also don't know yet about fertilizer.

I guess the CO2 depends on the plants I can have as well as the fertilizer.

Thanks for any help,

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