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Cool Deal!

I was given some fish a while back and there was 1 Gold Barb in the group, and it looks a bit different than yours. Not near as much black in the scales, but I like the look of both of them! Wonder if there is different types of gold barbs, or maybe just from a different area. Either way I really like them! I put the lone Gold Barb and cherry Barb in my 55g the other day, and I am really liking them both! I will try to get a pic tomorrow of the Gold Barb so you can see what i am talking about!

I really like dwarf Puffers too! I have never been able to find any healthy stock locally, so I have not had the chance to keep them, YET! I plan on trying to find some this winter after we rearrange the living room. I want to setup a small tank next to my recliner for them.

Anyway keep up the GREAT WORK, and I look forward to seeing how the tank progresses!

p.s. Where did you get your Bamboo Shrimp? Our PetCo has them here all of the time, but after trying them a few different times, I gave up on keeping them! They would only last a few days in any tank I tried them in! They seem to be able to survive at our PetCo SOME HOW!!! But when I tried them in a tank setup exactly how they are supposed to be kept they died! Any Suggestions? Thanks Again!
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