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use 100% silicone lube thats food safe it wont eat the o rings. I believe home depot carries o-ring lube for faucets in the pb department . im using pent-air o ring lube sold for pump o rings.
same lube for big ring on 406 I have the same pump\filter also check the red\black impeller cover while your in there if its warped it will not hold head pressure .. I set mine in a pot of very warm water keeping the rubber from touching the bottom or sides of the pot just enough to make it go back flat .. I think these need yearly replacement when they flex like mine did .

btw plantedrich before the ick incident i had the co2 rolling perfect plants were growing well like huge weeds i had to shut it down until i get the temps down and the meds out just didn't want hit em with extra issues , but thanks for the tips you were dead on ,,, i ended up figuring out the timer and that worked perfect and gently .

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