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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by vidiots View Post
Those check valves sound like they work the same way, but they are not see thru so you can see how they work. I would imagine though that an residue buildup on the diaphram or walls will also cause that design to fail.

I got sick of using check valves on brine shrimp hatchers cause the salt water would cause them to fail after just a month or two and went to just puting the pump up higher than the hatcher water level to prevent a back syphon.
Judging from the description, they work completely different from the valves we are commonly using. In the design that we use for airpumps and such, you have two thin rubber lips (diaphragm) that open up one way and are pushed closed the other way. The linked design seems to be based on a little movable plate that covers up the hole one way, and leaves it open the other way.

Residue buildup might or might not be an issue. In diluted solutions you often find some sort of growth (fungus/bacteria) which clogs or even attacks the rubber. Dosing full strength, there might be no such growth possible, and as long as it does not dry out or contain particles, maybe the check valve keeps working.
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