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Sorry I didn't see your thread earlier. I usually don't check this forum as often as my other one.

Your descriptions are pretty good in the first post. The photos you took are mostly of slow growing plants which are not very easy to diagnose deficiencies from. But from your descriptions of the stem plants and the anubias photo I think you are experiencing a nitrogen deficiency. Older leaves will die from tip towards stem, new growth remains healthy looking until the deficiency becomes severe then new leaves steadily grow out smaller and smaller until the growing tip stops growing entirely.

You can add more nitrogen by using potassium nitrate, though root tabs might work as well.

I am surprised your moss died, it usually needs very little light and nutrients to get by. What wattage and type (T5 / T8 / T12 / PC fluorescent?) is your light?

What is JBL Manado substrate? Do you have a nutrient analysis of it in English? I can't understand the manual for it:
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