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Just read this thread through and for anyone who wants the option of a programmable option to add dimming settings for this unit. You could simply switch the moonlight blue bulbs for a row of mixed reds and blues (if you don't like/use the moonlight option). You now have a shorter low intensity addition you can use. The moonlight setting comes on a separate chord and could have its own timer. This would allow you to program in three light settings.

Low light- Make your own mix or red or daylight bulbs with the moonlight row. Set a timer for the morning ramp up and afternoon cooldown period

Moderate light- Program the big panel to switch on after the ramp up.

Intense light- Add the moonlight panel you modified while the big light panel is on to offer the most intense light you can manage.

If you don't like the moonlight setting this could make this a more programmable light.
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