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Originally Posted by newportjon View Post
Very interesting.

I think I am going to dial back my feedings a bit. Do you notice a decline in reproduction when feeding sparingly? Or, do you feed more when trying to get them to reproduce?

On another note, your orange rilis look awesome and I need them. Been waiting on the Amanos to arrive so I can place an order.

Thanks in advance,
I don't notice that they breed less, but again, my tanks are super mature and I use larger volume than a lot of people (most of my shrimp tanks are minimum 20 long, 30g or 55g) and do have a lot of plants. I do supplement, with either repashy or some sort ofwell rounded omnivore type food, but just find that they are moer prone to issues when I feed more than less.

The amanos haven't been available because of heavy rains, trust me, I have been trying to get them as well. I am told 2-3 weeks longer. I generally try and keep several hundred in stock at all times and am down to just a handful that are my personal workers.
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