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I definitely need to go over to Clark's and check out their cories. They had a large Ancistrus sp. pleco over there that was awesome but they wanted way to much. That is my one problem with Clark's is that their prices are not great and their fish quality is fair to marginal. I have had really back luck with the one on Menaul because I do not "wait" and let the fish stay at Clark's for a week or two before I get them.

My only purchase was 15 Red/Blue Columbian Tetras (Hyphessobrycon columbianus) from the one on Lomas and ALL of these fish are alive and kicking almost 8 months later. Except for one that got crushed under a rock while I was trying to move them from quarantine.

In my 135 I have a large Green Severum (over 7 inches), two juvenile sp. "Rotkeil" Severums, 6 Geophagus sp. "Bahia Red" (about 4 inches each), the now 14 Columbian Tetras, 3 L200 Plecos and 3 L134 Plecos. Because this was my first planted tank I went nuts and purchase a huge "package" from when I got the money and it was great. Then my fish started to pick at them. Now, out of 10 species of plants I have one Species of swords (4 of them), Jungle Vals, and Java fern. All of which stay pruned because the severums eat at them. Oh, and i do have two Gourami's in the tank that were residents of a 55 that we turned into a community tank. They are messing my "South American Biotope" so I will be moving them soon.

This tank has been setup for more than a year and has taken me that long to get all the fish I wanted into the tank. I am traveling this week on business and when I last left my fish had begun to "flash" and I hope that I am not having an Ich outbreak.

Anyway, sorry for the novel...sometimes get a little carried away.
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